Our Passion

Creating a new standard

Our Passion

Creating a new standard

Our products are of the highest quality. How? Harry’s is a vertically integrated brand, which means we control production design, distribution, customer service and the final product itself.

Our customers take center stage

Fully satisfied customers fuel our work. Their feedback inspires us to improve Harry’s and hone our products. We want to give every man the perfect shaving experience.

Our team

We employ more than 800 people around the world. Around 600 of our employees work in Eisfeld in southern Thuringia – some of them are now fourth generation employees. We all follow one common goal: revolutionizing the razor and grooming industry.

American design meets German engineering

We have merged our love for timeless designs with the trusted quality of German engineering. Our business relies on functional, high-grade products and complete customer satisfaction.

The best of both worlds

Our international team of experienced designers, product developers, technicians and engineers develops our products in a sophisticated process involving only the best materials. The result: an outstanding shaving experience.