Our departments


Production is divided into blade and plastic parts production and assembly. Blade production begins with the punching and hardening of the steel strip. The real secret of our production follows - the grinding of the Gothic Arch. After separating, the blades are cleaned and finished with a surface treatment. All plastic parts are produced by injection molding. In the assembly areas, all components meet again. All parts are fed to the plants and processed into a product.

Production Control

The central control unit is the heart and soul of our factory. A connecting link between all departments, we manage the production and plan machine utilization. We create the necessary production documents, calculate the cost of new products and boost productivity. We are also responsible for supervising the logistics of our raw materials and finished products.

Production Engineering

In our specialist department, we design production and supportive processes, develop new technologies and continuously improve our products. We are experts in special technologies, working with each individual process of our whole production. We maintain interfaces with all other departments and work especially closely with quality control and product development.


Our IT department provides its services to all areas of our company. We implement the IT infrastructure and adapt all systems to the needs of Harry’s. To expand Harry’s, we invest in new systems and infrastructures. We count a high degree of flexibility and accurate prioritizing to our key tasks. We appreciate initiative and the drive to help us find new solutions.

Sales and Marketing

We work in agile and dynamic markets with constantly changing challenges - our marketing activities are correspondingly varied. We work in cross-functional project teams on a national and international level. We focus on customers, shoppers and consumers and concentrate on the stationary trade as well as our online business. The continuous further development of our products and an excellent relationship management motivates us to act.


Our financial accounting department ensures that all transactions are entered into the books promptly and properly in accordance with the principles of orderly accounting. Cooperation with our American colleagues and the utilization of international accounting standards is part of our daily business. We participate in training courses on a regular basis to keep our expertise up to date at all times.


Our main task is to obtain all goods and services needed to make our product. We are thoroughly networked within the company. Our department works with all other sections of the company, and we are especially closely linked to finance, sales and marketing and research and development. What is special about our work is its variety and our contact with all sorts of different people.

Advanced Manufacturing

Our team supports Harry’s strategy for becoming one of the world’s leading razor companies by ensuring that our portfolio of goods is produced efficiently and economically. The development and launch of new technologies and organizational forms are crucial for implementing our Operation Excellence successfully. We also work closely with the departments for product development, quality, engineering and production. Scientific institutions and suppliers play an important role, too.

Product Engineering

Our department is responsible for the sustainable, innovative development of new products, evaluation, project management and the establishment of new global standards. As a part of the global R&D unit, we are responsible for developing new products, creating measuring systems and securing performance features. In our capacity as an interface, we closely work with specialist departments in Eisfeld and New York and with our suppliers. We handle the entire project management within the scope of the NPI.

Human Resources (HR)

The HR department represents all interests and processes related to employees, their work in the company, and their development. It takes strategic management to coordinate all employees and ensure that their competences are employed and developed for the benefit of the company. Our tasks further include purchasing, administration and internal communications in all sections of the company.

Quality Assurance

Our products are characterized by very high quality standards. Our core competencies are the assurance of development quality, process planning of quality management in projects, supplier and complaint management as well as the coordination and execution of quality assurance measures in production. With our certified quality management systems according to ISO9001:2008 and IFS-HPC, we ensure that our products meet international standards.